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The Future of Social Media Marketing Trends

According to WHO, Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. We, humans, are a social animal. It, therefore, becomes a necessity to interact, bond and socialise to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The social aspect of human nature has given rise to different ways to connect with the loved ones sitting miles away.
The need to connect gave rise to social media, which not only helped with socialising friends, family or acquaintance but gave a platform to promote business and marketing, popularly known as social media marketing.
Social Media Definition
Defining Social Media is hard to put across and be given words, it is more of a concept, a way of computer generated technology which facilitates the creation and sharing of information, ideas, career interests or any other form of expression.
If we put it in simple words, Social Media is the websites or apps where people connect with each other on a given platform to exchange information, by creating and sharing content. It is a platform for people to engage in social networking.
With the growing trend and craze of social media involvement of individuals it has experienced, social media has become a platform for marketing. Advertising on social media has become very important in the today’s digital age, as it gets many user engagements by helping to create brand awareness.
These social media platforms have become a way of life for the fast moving life to sustain and compete in the cut throat competitions, providing a medium for the social needs of every human to some degree.
Social Media Management
Social media management is the collection of tools, processes, software, policies and strategies to monitor, contribute, filter, measure and otherwise guide the social media presence for a brand, product, individual or corporation.
What is Social Media Marketing?
Social media marketing (SMM) is a form of internet marketing using social media websites as a tool for commercialization. SMM aims at creating content that users tend to share within their social network, creating a chain and helping the company to increase brand exposure and broaden customer reach. Social media marketing popularised with the growing popularity of websites like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, and YouTube. With the help of social aspect of the web, one can connect and interact on a much more personalised and dynamic level than through traditional marketing.
How to do social media marketing?
The social media marketing strategy can be kept simple if we involve just basic things like having a Twitter account for the company or having a company blog or a Facebook page. One can have an elaborated planning by running a full campaign that includes blogs, Twitter, social networking and viral videos through YouTube or Facebook.
What is a social media marketing plan?
A social media marketing plan is the list of social media marketing strategy one plans to adopt, to achieve the set business goals using social networking sites. The plan should include an audit of where you stand today, what are the set goals you aim to achieve in the near future, what tools you would use, and how do you want to get there.
The plan, in general, should be concise and not elaborated so that it becomes impossible to achieve, keeping in mind how wide the social media marketing can get. The plan will keep you keep guided with your actions, also that it will help you to understand the status of campaign right from the start so that you don’t keep investing yourself in a failed project.
Here’s a list of simple steps that can keep in mind to check if you’re moving along the right track:
Step 1: Choose your social networks
Step 2: Fill out your profiles completely
Step 3: Find your voice and tone
Step 4: Pick your posting strategy
Step 5: Analyze and test
Step 6: Automate and engage
There are a certain set of rules that one needs to abide by, when in an individual game. If you intend to rule the social media platforms, the right kind of social marketing strategy is the key. How to do social media marketing, in a way that it helps to have a campaign that proves successful instead of landing ourselves in a project that has failed right from the beginning? To be in the game or social media marketing is by observing the latest social media trends and keeping ourselves updated with them. Instead of just diving in the sea of social media, it’s always better to have yourself updated with the latest social media trends. Here are the major trends of 2017 that could make or break your business.
1. The Facebook Internet
It is not unknown to any of us, of the power, and position Facebook enjoys in terms of the user base and user engagement. Facebook has taken the world by a storm, by creating one of the finest social media platforms, by including Instagram along with WhatsApp. One must consider about the customer expectation when making a Facebook marketing strategy. Customer engagement should be strategized and planned in such a way that you can accomplish the most for your brand name, even before they visit your website.
2. Converged Social
We live in a time where the only thing constant is change, this shift has become the norm, and adopting this change is very important for the business. Social media is here to stay as it is evolving, fast. One such way is convergence. Convergence is the future of media life cycle.
People are ever changing and evolving and live in a mixed reality. Collaboration and co-creating hence becomes a necessity. We are naturally social, and hence we are on social media we share and collaborate and in doing so we are motivated by participating and co-creating.
Co-creation of value, knowledge sharing and collaborative learning is the future of business. For example, if professional social profiles of LinkedIn became accessible and integrated with Microsoft 365 apps, the combination will create an output that would benefit marketers in many unknown ways.

  1. Hot Video
    The newest entry in the hot of the social media market is the real-time video. With Snapchat, Facebook Live, Instagram Live has taken up to a whole new level of social media engagement with customers in a unique way. It has given way to many new brands of unimaginable ways to connect with their audience and interact with them.
    The live video feature gives brands some opportunities to do things differently than planned. Like many can promote their product with an interactive Q/A or very popular Ask Me Anything (AMA). If real time video is not your cup of tea, you can find someone who is comfortable with the kind of exposure and media creation.

Social media news could be any piece of information with content not being restricted to words or videos but many other possible outcomes. People sitting across the globe can, in real-time share certain information. The world became more informed with all the happenings in the world.
This aspect of social media has certainly benefited the marketers as they develop different internet marketing strategies to promote their brand. Social media in the coming time would further evolve, what needs to be done is observe and stay in line with the latest social media trends.


  • Hey this is just superb share regarding the future of Social Media marketing trends. Nowadays there are tons of social websites but some of them remain on the top of the list. I have personally been using Twitter and facebook ad management services for my business blog and getting great results.

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